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*RTS* Summer Sale 2 oz Melts
Lasting Scent Candles Soy Blended Wax Melts are Highly Scented and Long Lasting.
They are made with 80% Soy and scented with Premium Fragrance Oils. 
Tarts are packaged in a plastic 2 oz Souffle Cup and individually labeled  
Please make sure your address is confirmed with Paypal. I WILL NOT SHIP to unconfirmed addresses
I DON'T COMBINED SHIPPING so please dont expect this when placing multiple orders
No Exceptions!
Summer is almost here and that means the warmer Temperatures are not far behind
Although I have switched over to our Summer Blend of wax which can withstand warmer temperatures,if left outside or left in your mailbox for any extended time it will be a melted mess so PLEASE... Make arrangements for someone to pick up your packages if you cant be there when they are delivered. You can also state in the notes of the order form that you would like to have your package (s) held at the USPS UNTIL YOU ARE ABLE TO PICK UP. This a free service
I Charge EXACT SHIPPING. You will be charged $9.75 on your invoice when checking out and will receive a additional invoice if shipping is over the $9.75...UPS Will be offered and suggested with the larger orders. 
I always do my best to pack your orders in the most affordable boxes 
Since this is a LIMITED Stock Sale 
 There is a (3) TART MAX of each Scent
If your order contains more than 3 of each scent Your order will be canceled and refunded.
If a Item Over Sells I will refund you when you order is ready to ship.
Thank You for reading and Understanding :)
Berry Panna Cotta ~ (LSC Original Blend) Sweet Summer Berries folded into a delicious Rich Creamy Pudding.
Blueberry Pumpkin Bars ~ (LSC Original Blend) Sweet Blueberry Compote, Pumpkin Pie Filling piled into a Graham Cracker Crust with a Toasted Marshmallow topping
Butter Brickle Shortbread ~ (LSC Original Blend) Our BEST Shortbread Cookies filled them with Warm Butterscotch Morsels,Toffee Bits and drizzle with Butterscotch Glaze.. Amazing!
Café Rose ~ (LSC Original Blend) The intoxicating aroma of Deep Roasted coffee beans and Fresh Red Roses
Caribbean Cupcakes ~ (LSC Original Blend) A Sweet and Juicy blend of Island Fruits and Buttery Cake Batter..YUM!
Carnival Cakes ~ (LSC Original Blend) Sweet Vanilla Cake with Homespun Cotton Candy tied together with some Sticky Sweetness and sprinkled with our own special Rock Candy

Cast a Spell ~ Patchouli Lovers this one is for you...Rich seductive scent of Patchouli, Cedar Wood, Rich Mahogany and a touch of Exotic Spice.
Cherry Smash ~ (LSC Original Blend) We took Sugary sweet Cherries ,mixed in mounds of Cool Whip and then blended it with our Yummy Vanilla Ice Cream Cone scent ;)
Citrus Trifle Bread ~ (LSC Original Blend) This Trifle is made with chunks of Sweet Bread,loads of Vanilla Bean Cream,with Sunny Citrus Fruit throughout
Dracula's Dungeon ~ A haunting and mysterious blend of Patchouli Oils,Cedar Wood,Incense and a touch of Sweet Vanilla
Dreamland ~ (LSC Original Blend) Drift off to Dreamland....Soothing gentle Lavender flowers laced with Creamy,Dreamy Vanilla Bean Pods
Fall Bounty Zucchini ~ (LSC Original Blend) A Bountiful Blend of several Pumpkins baked into Sweet, Warm Bread swirled with Vanilla. Best seller! ***LSC Requested Favorite*** ;)
Island Spun Sugar ~ (LSC Original Blend) An Island Twist to our Spun Sugar blends;This one has the tempting Tropical Fruits,Fluffy,Hand-Spun Cotton Candy and a Sprinkle of our original Rock Candy Blend
Jack O Lantern Cookies ~ (LSC Original Blend) Pumpkin Puree, Vanilla Cream and the BEST  Buttery Sugar Cookie around ;) 
Lemon Sorbet ~ (LSC Original Blend) A delicious frozen treat! A crunchy Waffle Cone filled with 2 scoops of Luscious, Creamy Lemon Curd Ice Cream
Moroccan Mint Tea ~ (LSC Original Blend) Steaming Hot Tea with our Mint Confetti Blend and sweetened with a touch of Honey
On The Board Walk ~ (LSC Original Blend) All the Sweets from your favorite Boardwalk.Sticky Caramel Dipped Apples, Hand Spun Cotton Candy,freshly popped Kettle Corn and Deep Fried Funnel Cakes wafting through the air. A best Seller 6 Years in a row! Thanks Angel :)
Orange Sorbet ~ (LSC Original Blend) Our version of Yummy Creamy Orange Sorbet in a Crunchy Sugared Waffle Cone
Pink Coral Reef ~ Sweet Peach,Juicy Pineapple Chunks and Orange Slices blended with the Sweet smell of Honeysuckle, Rose and Jasmine and a touch of soothing soft Musk
Pool Party ~ (LSC Original Blend) This blend was created By Lauren F.who was 1 of 2 winners in the Create A Blend Spring Contest... Juicy Watermelon Slices, Sweet Honey Dew, Cotton Candy and French Vanilla Ice Cream. YUM!
Pumpkin Chill ~ (LSC Original Blend) Creamy Pumpkin,Vanilla Ice Cream sprinkled with Brown Sugar Crumbles scooped into a Crunchy Waffle Cone
Rawhide and Roses ~ (LSC Original Blend) Rawhide Leather and Rose Buds with a touch of Amber and Creamy Vanilla
Rootbeer Float ~ (LSC Original Blend) A very true to its name scents that smells incredibly realistic
Sand Dunes ~ (LSC Original Blend) Ocean Breezes,Sandy Beaches and Azure Waters..Absolutely Beautiful!
Sanguine Embers ~ (LSC Original Blend) An alluring blend of ripe, Dark Cherry, Sweet Black Raspberry and smooth Merlot blended with our Toasted Embers
Satsuma Sunrise ~ (LSC Original Blend) A Sunrise blend of Juicy Satsuma oranges and Sugary Sweet Strawberries
Screaming Apparitions ~ (LSC Original Blend) Yummy Pumpkin blended with two types of Sugar and then dipped in Gooey, Sticky Marshmallows! ***LSC Requested Scent :)**
Serendipity Ambrosia ~ (LSC Original Blend) We took our yummy Serendipity Blend and added some Sticky Sweetness and topped with Cherries
Sinful ~ (LSC Original Blend) A creamy sweet Vanilla Custard with a Caramelized Sugar Crust and Butterscotch Brickle Crumbles on top
Toasted Pumpkin Latte (LSC Original Blend) Dark Roasted Coffee,Pumpkin flavored Syrup and Creamy Coconut topped with a Sweet Vanilla Froth and sprinkled with Toasted Coconut
Smurfette ~ (LSC Original Blend) This blend was created by Susan S who was 1 of 2 winners in the Create A Blend Spring Contest....Blueberry Cobbler, Cotton Candy Frosting, Sweet Cream and Vanilla Bean Noel. YUMMY!!
Snicklefritz ~ (LSC Original Mix) Smells just like walking into your Favorite bakery. Warm Desserts, Toffee Brickle, Sweet Vanillas and other secret recipes. To-Die-For YUMMINESS!!! ...LSC Favorite Request! 
Solitude ~ (LSC Original Blend) A Fresh and Fruity blend of Juicy Nectarines,Sweet Peach Nectar and touch of Lime Zest wrapped in your favorite Snuggly Blanket.This is not your typical Laundry-Linen type scent. Its very Fresh and Clean!
Spooktacular ~ (LSC Original Blend) We started out with a  Buttery Cookie Dough blended in some brown sugared apples,Toffee bits, Creamy Caramel and a dash all your favorite Fall spices. Then baked them to absolute perfection!
State Fair Sundae ~ (LSC Original Blend) Danielle our Scent Blend contest WINNER Created this incredible Blend. A Hot Deep Fried Cornbread Fritter filled in the middle with with Toasted Marshmallow Cream with a scoop of Pumpkin Vanilla Ice Cream on top and sprinkled with Cinnamon Sugar. Thanks Danielle :)
Summer Garden Party ~ (LSC Original Blend) Tuscan Herbs, Ripe Tomato and Sweet Arugula. A perfect Summer time Earthy Aroma!
Summer Tide Wedding ~ (LSC Original Blend) A Wedding Cake fit for a Summer Bride! Layers of Yellow and White Sponge Cake with the Juices of Sunny Citrus Fruits and covered with a Tropical Mango Fondant
Summer Time Blues ~ (LSC Original Blend)This scent will have you ready for summer! Summer Berries sprinkled with sugar, glistening Red fruits, all drizzled in a Vanilla Bean Creme with a touch of Pie Crust
Sun Kissed ~ (LSC Original Blend) Crisp Linens dried on the line with hints of Lemon,Oranges and Lime on a Warm Sunny Day
Sweet Lavender Nectar ~ (LSC Original Blend) Lavender Buds blended delicately with our Vanilla Creme and a splash of our Honey Nectar
Sweet Slumber ~ (LSC Original Blend) Lavender Candy dipped in Gooey Marshmallow with our Yummy Chocolate Ganache drizzled on top
The Great Pumpkin ~ (LSC Original Blend) Sweet Pumpkin with a touch of Spice, Creamy Butterscotch Custard covered with a Caramelized Sugar Crust and a Butter Brickle flavor Creme drizzled on top.
Unicorn Milk ~ (LSC Original Blend) Our Sweetest Berries and Fresh Cream blend with Sugary Pink Strawberries in the forefront. This is a remake of Cloud Ten. For those that like the Milky type scents
Vanilla Ice Cream Cone ~ (LSC Original Mix) My version of that Summer time Favorite.. Creamy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream topped on a Sugar Vanilla Waffle Cone
Violet Cotton ~ (LSC Original Blend) Soft Colorful Violets, Zesty Lime, and all things "Clean" Simply Beautiful!
White Tea and Thyme ~ A soft mild Tea with green-twig like floral with a hint of soft Rose Petals and Thyme and a touch of Cedar and White Musk 
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