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Rock Candy Sampler
ROCK CANDY Wax Sampler
These scents are all *exclusively* blended by
Lasting Scent Candles. LSC Rock Candy is our own signature blend.
Samplers come packaged with 12 - 1.5 oz cups stacked neatly in a Polypro bag Labeled and tied with ribbon
**Although these Samplers are unlimited I ask that you be mindful so others can have the opportunity to order**
Please make sure your address is confirmed with Paypal. I WILL NOT SHIP to unconfirmed addresses
I DON'T COMBINED SHIPPING so please dont expect this when placing multiple orders
No Exceptions!
Summer is almost here and that means the warmer Temperatures are not far behind
Although I have switched over to our Summer Blend of wax which can withstand warmer temperatures,if left outside or left in your mailbox for any extended time it will be a melted mess so PLEASE... Make arrangements for someone to pick up your packages if you cant be there when they are delivered. You can also state in the notes of the order form that you would like to have your package (s) held at the USPS UNTIL YOU ARE ABLE TO PICK UP. This a free service

I Charge EXACT SHIPPING. You will be charged $9.75 on your invoice when checking out and will receive a additional invoice if shipping is over the $9.75...UPS Will be offered and suggested with the larger orders. 
I always do my best to pack your orders in the most affordable boxes 
Amethyst Rock Candy ~ (LSC Original Mix) Our Sticky White Sugar Crystal blended with Grape Syrup
Canary Rock Candy ~ (LSC Original Mix) The much-requested Lemon Rock Candy! Our White Sugar Crystals are flavored with Tart Lemon Juice and Lemon Sugar.
Citrine Rock Candy ~ (LSC Original Mix) Fresh and Juicy Pineapple dipped in our Sticky white Sugar Crystals

Coral Rock Candy ~ (LSC Original Mix)
 This was our first Rock Candy blend and the one that started it all. One of my FAVORITE candies growing up was Rock Candy; Pam has captured the sugary sweetness perfectly. Imagine Sugary Rock Candy with a bright Coral color, flavored with a sweet medley of Coral-Colored Fruits. Sticky Sweet Perfection!

Emerald Rock Candy ~ (LSC Original Mix)
Sweet Key Lime Creme drizzled on top of our Sticky Sweet, White Sugar Crystals.

Limeade Rock Candy ~ (LSC Original Mix) Our White Sugar Crystals flavored with Tart Lime and Sugary Lemon Juices.

Peridot Rock Candy ~ (LSC Original Mix) Our White Sugar Crystals flavored with our Sour Green Apple Syrup.

Sapphire Rock Candy ~ (LSC Original Mix) We took our well-loved Crunchy White Sugar Crystals and flavored them with a mix of Dark Blueberries. YUM!!!

Scarlet Rock Candy ~ (LSC Original Mix) Our Sticky Sugar Crystals flavored with Tart Cherries and Creamy Vanilla Creme. (This is a different blend than last year)

Strawberry Rock Candy ~ (LSC Orignal Mix) Our Sticky White Sugar Crystals flavored with Juicy, Summer Strawberry Syrup!

Razzleberry Rock Candy ~ (LSC Original Mix) Our very Sweet Red Raspberries rolled in our White Sugar Crystals.

Watermelon Rock Candy ~ (LSC Original Mix) Our Sticky White Sugar Crystals with Sugary Sweet Watermelon Syrup drizzled on top. Best seller and favorite!

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