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*RTS*Aroma Mist *Favorites*

Aroma Mist
Our Popular Room & Linen Spray is always the first to sell out when we list it.
Our Aroma Mist comes packaged in a 4 oz. Black PET bottle with a Black atomizer with a pretty label.
Just pick your scent below.
Warning: Before spraying on Fine Linens or Delicate materials TEST a small piece to make sure it will not stain.
Do not spray near Wood or Painted surfaces.
The fragrance oils used in this product can cause damage to wood and painted surfaces.
Very low stock 
I charge exact shipping. $9.75 is charged up front with each order. I will REFUND you if your refund is over $1.00. I will send you a invoice if your shipping is over the $9.75
I dont combine shipping! This is to protect You and Me as a seller
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(NEW) Amber Lights ~ Golden Amber softened with A Sweet Creamy Vanilla . This is such a Beautiful Scent!
Apple Scotch French Toast ~ (LSC Original Blend) Delicious Sweet Apples fried in Butter, Caramelized Brown Sugar on top of warm Cinnamon French Toast drizzled with Warm Butterscotch Sauce and Maple Syrup. YUM!
Banana Chip Muffins ~ (LSC Original Blend) Warm Banana Bread Muffins loaded Melted Chocolate Chips. DELICIOUS! 
Blackberry Ren Ten ~ (LSC Original Mix) Deep and Darkly blended Plums and Blackberries steeped in Black Tea
Bliss ~ (LSC Original Blend) ..Our house blended White Wedding Cake filled with lots of Vanilla Creme and a sprinkle of Lavender!
Blueberry Coffee ~ (LSC Original Blend) A Luscious Latte bursting with Sweet, Sugary Blueberry Creamer.

Buttery Blueberry Waffles ~ (LSC Original Blend) Golden crisp Waffle loaded with plump Blueberries,Melted Butter and warm Blueberry Syrup on top. YUM!
Butter Brickle Shortbread ~ (LSC Original Blend) Our BEST Shortbread Cookies filled with Warm Butterscotch Morsels,Toffee Bits and drizzle with Butterscotch Glaze.. AMAZING!
Candyland Dreamin ~ (LSC Original Mix) Crushed Peppermint Candies, Our Signature Soothing and Gentle Lavender Buds, and some added Vanilla Sweetness.
Cinnamon Sugar Donuts ~ (LSC Original Blend) Cakey deep fried donuts dusted with Cinnamon Sugar,, So Realistic and Yummy!
Coconut Marshmallow Latte ~ (LSC Original Blend) A Delicious Creamy Latte topped with sticky Marshmallow Fluff and sprinkled with Toasted Coconut

Cozy Winter Nights ~ (LSC Original Blend) Sitting by the Fireplace on a cold winter night sipping on  your favorite Hot Cocoa. Creamy Hot Chocolate with a dollop of Marshmallow Fluff sprinkled with Crushed Candy Cane pieces on top.. 
Cranberry Citrus Balsam ~ (LSC Original Blend)  A beautiful and festive blend of Sugared Cranberries, Fresh Balsam, Holiday Spices, and Hints of Candied Citrus in the background. 
(NEW) Cream Filled ~ (LSC Original Blend) A fresh made deep fried Donut filled with tangy Lemon Cream sprinkled with powdered sugar 
(NEW) Creamy Lemon Chai Latte ~ (LSC Original Blend) An insanely Rich and Creamy Spiced Chai Latte with a pump of Sweet Lemon flavored Syrup and topped with a dollop of Whipped Cream. YUM!
(NEW) Fire Roasted Strawberry ~ (LSC Original Blend) Our sweetest Best Selling Strawberry dipped in Sticky Marshmallow Fluff and roasted over the Campfire
Island Spun Sugar ~ (LSC Original Blend) An Island Twist to our Spun Sugar blends; this one has Tempting Tropical Fruits, Fluffy, Hand-Spun Cotton Candy, and just a sprinkle of our own Signature Original Rock Candy.
Lavender Mallow Bread ~ (LSC Original Blend)The Comforting and Relaxing aroma of Lavender, Sweet Fluffy Marshmallows and Warm Bread
Lemon Custard Cookies ~ (LSC Original Blend) We are known for our lemon blends, and this may be one of our most popular! We took two Cookies and filled them with Vanilla Bean-Infused Lemon Custard and voila!
LWC Part Deux ~ (LSC Original Blend) Our Best Selling Lemon Wedding Cake blend with a Dreamy Orange Citrus twist
Manuka Lavender ~ (LSC Original Blend) Extracts of freshly harvested lavender buds,droplets of Honey and a touch of bergamot to give it a comforting and Spa like aroma that is soft,yet sweetly compelling.
Mint Mallow Creme ~ (LSC Original Blend)  Fresh Mints with Vanilla Sugar,and mounds of Toasted Marshmallow Fluff 
Orange Glazed Buns...(LSC Original Blend) OH SO GOOD...Straight out of the oven... Warm Caramelized Sticky Buns with Orange Butter Cream drizzled on top.
Passionate ~ (LSC Original Blend) Our Comforting Lavender scent beautifully blended with Crushed Patchouli Leaves with a hint of Sandalwood, Sweet Neroli, and Woods with a touch of Agave Nectar and Orange Blossom.
Peppermint Snow Cookies ~ (LSC  Original Mix) Our favorite Sugar Cookies iced in Peppermint Meringue Frosting, with Crushed Candy Cane Sprinkles and Marshmallow Snow.
Pink Sugar Buns ~ (LSC Original Blend) Our secret recipe of Pink Sugar and the delicious aroma of walking into your favorite bakery

Pink Sugar Shortbread ~ (LSC Original Blend) Our fantastic Pink Sugar fragrance mixed with Sweet Toasted Marshmallow Cream and Buttery baked Shortbread with a little magic added.
(NEW) Purple Haze ~ (LSC Original Blend) I took our BEST SELLING Mint Mallow Creme and sprinkled our delicate Lavender Buds on top. One smell of this intoxicating aroma will have you in a Purple Haze :) 
Rocky Road Donuts ~ (LSC Original Blend) Imagine warm, Chocolate Cakey Donuts with Gooey Marshmallows melting on top and some Chocolate Ganache for good measure. YUM!
Serendipity Rock Candy ~ (LSC Original Blend) Another Rock Candy to add to our well-loved original collection. Sticky Sugar Crystals flavored with A variety of Tropical Fruits,Creamy Coconut and Fresh Vanilla Creme
Serendipity Scone ~ (LSC Original Blend) This fabulous blend starts out with sweet coconut and heaps of creamy vanilla added to a cakey pastry scone. Don't forget the drizzle of marshmallow creme on top! The perfect tropical dessert!
Serenity ~ (LSC Original Blend) LSC Signature Lavender blended with our Green Mint Confetti. This blend is so relaxing, we had to name it Serenity!
Snicklefritz ~ (LSC Original Blend) Smells just like walking into your favorite bakery. Warm Desserts,Toffee Brickle, Sweet Vanilla and our Secret Recipe. To-Die-For Yumminess and Best Seller!
Southern Belle ~ (LSC Original Blend) A Luscious Wedding Cake befitting any Southern Belle. Creamy Vanilla, Layers of our Indulgent Signature Wedding Cake, delicately adorned with an assortment of Sugar-Dusted, White Flower Petals

Spooky Apparitions ~ (LSC Original Blend) Yummy Pumpkin blended with two types of Sugar and then dipped in Gooey, Sticky Marshmallow!

Spunky Monkey Bread ~ (LSC Original Blend) Sticky Pull Apart Bread filled in the center with a Peach Compote and topped with a Sugary Glaze.

Strawberry Fields ~ Our customers tell us this is the most realistic strawberry they have ever smelled! Just like you are Strawberry Picking on a Warm Summer Day!
Strawberry Sticky Bread ~ (LSC Original Blend) Our own blend of Sugar-Coated Strawberries, Gooey Marshmallows, and Bakery Bread notes.
Strawberry Wedding Cake ~ (LSC Original Blend) This is Sublime! Layers of Fluffy,White Cake with Sweet Strawberry Filling; Covered in Frosting and decorated with Sugared Strawberries on top
Sweet Dreams ~ (LSC Original Blend) A sister to Pink Lullabye and a cousin to Sweet Relaxation and Lavender Confection, this beautiful scent will send you to dreamland in the sweetest of ways. Notes of Pink Sugar, Lavender, and sticky sweet marshmallows.
Sweet Kisses ~ (LSC Original Blend) A medley of Divine Cakes and Frosting covered in Sweet Kisses...YUM!
Tres Leches Bread ~ (LSC Original Blend) Our original blend of Warm Bakery Bread smothered in a Milky Caramel Sauce. Amazingly yummy!
Watermelon Wedding Cake ~ (LSC Original Blend) A Luscious Sweet Treat with layers of our Signature White Wedding Cake and a Watermelon Jam filling.
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